Tips on how to maintain a mobile compatible website

February 6th, 2013 by | Comments Off on Tips on how to maintain a mobile compatible website

According to many different sources, the percentage of overall webpage views made on mobile devices goes up year after year. It’s important to understand what a mobile device is for most of the people who own one. They might not be surfing the Internet in the traditional fashion but they are most certainly visiting webpages, seeking information and performing many of the same tasks that they could only do at their desktop computers before mobile devices became Internet-enabled. This means that making your site mobile compatible is, indeed, a priority if you’re serious about reaching out to people.

Is it Complicated?

There are, in the broadest sense, two ways that you can go about making your site mobile compatible. One way is to use a responsive design. This means that your website will detect what type of device it is being viewed on and that it will automatically adjust the size and orientation of the elements on the page to make your page more accommodating to the smaller screens on mobile devices. The second way  to ensure that your site is mobile compatible, is to have a separate mobile site developed by a web designer. Either provides a workable solution.

Using the mobile site isn’t any more complicated than using your regular site. There’s nothing that the user needs to do. In fact, you can verify this for yourself by visiting just about any well-known site on a mobile device and then visiting it on your desktop computer. You’ll notice that, when you show up on your mobile device, you get a differently formatted webpage than you do when you show up on your desktop computer. Selecting the appropriate site is done automatically for you.


Well-designed mobile compatible websites generally do give the user the option of viewing the full desktop site, if they so choose. Users on devices with larger screens, such as tablet computers, may well choose to visit the full site, as the usability is not compromised by their device in any regard. Offering the choice, however, is important. Your users should have the option to use the mobile site.

Mobile device usage is going up very quickly. At the same time, the speed of mobile carrier Internet connections is increasing and more people are choosing to have Internet access on their phones. This means that, to be ready for the future, you do have to have some sort of mobile compatible site set up as an option for your visitors.

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