Los Angeles Web Design Community Helps People Learn LESS and SCSS

July 2nd, 2012 by | Comments Off on Los Angeles Web Design Community Helps People Learn LESS and SCSS

The Media Contour team joined in with other members of the Los Angeles Web Design Community in Downtown Los Angeles for the CSS Preprocessor Madness Meetup event coordinated by Noel Saw and sponsored by Social WDD Meetup group and Oversee.net. The event was featured informative how-tos and hands-on training with front-end developer, Mario Noble, and software engineer, Charles Mata.

The event brought in 45 eager Los Angeles web design professionals to learn the basics of LESS and SCSS, a coding format that allows you to process large chunks of CSS data in smaller, easier to manage pieces. Food was served and the attitude was lively and inclusive. All were eager to sink their teeth into learning a new skill and networking with others.

Our Lead designer, Luke Swenson, was in attendance and said that “The presentation was a great introduction to CSS Preprocessors and the differences between LESS and SCSS. I can see them coming in handy on fast turn around projects where we sometimes start designing directly in the browser…. and when you need to make several iterations before going to production.”

Event Coordinator, Noel Saw, was proud of the turnout for this event and said that these events are for developers of all shapes and sizes, from novice to seasoned veterans. “We try to create a scene that allows everyone to leave with something,” says Mr. Saw. “Some may leave with new information or maybe a lead on a new job.”

A healthy degree of competition is held between the members of the groups as well, offering up contests for creative and innovative design within a theme. One of the groups current contests, Photoshop Idol, is giving away a copy of Adobe’s latest Photoshop Creative Suite to the designer that can create the best politically-themed poster idea.


Also at the LESS/SASS meetup was Adam Bell, who also runs the LAdobe User Group. Adam recently produced a panel called “The Future of Web Design Development” for the Silicon Beach Festival held on July 21-23. The panel drew audiences into the hundreds including freelancers and professionals at-large. “This is the most exciting time for web design in the past decade since the early days of Flash,” says Bell. The conference touched on how HTML5, CSS3, and even Flash will reshape the internet, both on mobile and traditional forms.

Los Angeles is one of the biggest hubs in the country and many of the Los Angeles web design community are taking to sites like LinkedIn and Meetup to exchange information and teach each other their skills. The Venice Beach town hall tech conference, “Silicon Beach”, was held this past April and really placed a flag in the ground of what the Los Angeles web design and tech community strives to become.

Noel is currently working on the TechjobsLA fair, being held July 21st. The event will host many of the largest Los Angeles web design groups in the city. The event will be held at the Blankspaces facility on the corner of Wilshire and La Brea and will definitely be a great place to check out if looking for work, looking to join in on some great expert panels, or looking for ways to beef up your portfolio and expand your personal brand on the web.

For more info on the TechjobsLA Fair go to techjobsla.com or by calling 1-877-311-3374. You may also email Noel for sponsorship information at sponsors@techjobsla.com.

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