How to lead the followers: Getting people to notice you on Facebook and Twitter

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How to get people to notice you on twitter

You want to create a place online for your customers and clients to get together…

So you’ve set up s plethora of social media platforms online. You’ve got a Facebook, a Twitter, and you’ve created a blog. Now what? How do you let people know you exist here? Here are a few tactics to get your going and how to maintain (and build upon those relationships).

Start with your email lists.

You have been collecting emails, haven’t you? If not, start. You can add your customers this way by offering a newsletter with coupons, special rates, or community happenings. Anyone you do business with, send them an email too. Initiate friends, family, and the shop next to you too. Just get a small base to start, 25-50 followers is a number any business worth its salt can achieve with relative ease.

Drum up word of mouth.

Tell your customers to join. Drum up some noise around the water cooler amongst your employees. Sometimes, as also noted above sometimes you need to grease the wheel a little bit. Create an incentive for your already added friends to gather their friends. Depending on your service and trade, a good idea may be to offer a discount or gift certificate to all of your friends once you hit the desired number (Maybe 5 times the number of friends you could get with your initial friend hunt).

Now Engage.

Someone very smart with Social Networking once told me: “You were given 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them proportionately.” Social media is about engaging with your friends not pitching them. Ask questions; answer questions; reply to comments. In essence, make your business a personality and use social media the way that a person would use social media if it had nothing to sell. Make your business the type of person that gets invited to all the parties. Tell interesting stories, give things away, share content from other users and sites. Try not to pitch your wares, if you do, make it a soft sell. What are your company’s employee’s interests? Share those too. Upload pictures from the last event you had. Whatever it is you post, it is a good rule of thumb to listen twice as much as you speak. This is where you get to be friends with your customers. Be a good friend!

A word of caution.

Managing your social media platforms can become a daunting and time-consuming operation. Not to mention the addictive time-sucking properties social media has on us already. Identify how large of a social media campaign you need. A larger campaign requires more time, don’t expect to be able to manage your social media in-between other tasks. Be sure and budget your time accordingly. Within that time you should spend about 2/3 of it reading posts, replies, and finding content, and the other third posting content, retweeting/reposting, and sending replies and personal messages.

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