Google+ Losing Eyeball Time, Why?

July 27th, 2011 by | Comments Off on Google+ Losing Eyeball Time, Why?

Google+ is quickly losing steam. But how could it keep up with the momentum it was building? In a recent article from Mashable, Todd Wasserman cites Experian Hitwise in saying that Google+ users are spending less and less time using the program since its limited release last month. Apparently the new car smell is wearing off faster than Google would probably like but that’s not the only reason people aren’t using the social networking upstart as much. For as social as Google+ is, it seems to lack a certain bit of connection between its inhabitants, what is it…

Google+ needs a wall like Facebook does!

The wall is the quick, no-nonsense way for people to communicate with each other. It allows users to post a quick message or non-sequitor. The Wall creates a frame of a persons personal life as well. Recently, I had a friend pass away unexpectedly. My friends and I found him within his Facebook wall and his interactions with people. The comments left by his friends and his replies took on a form of catharsis for all of us, a living tome of his personality. His wall also became a place for his friends from around the world and family (whom we never met) to get together and grieve accordingly. It was a shining example of how social media has so quickly become integrated into our personal lives. After I realized this, my time on Google+ began to drop off.

Forget the temporary lack of company pages and low population. Until Google+ creates a Wall (or something like it), they will not have the ability to mesh into peoples day-to-day lives like Facebook does.

Do you think Google+ needs a wall? Do you find yourself spending less time on Google+ we want to hear about it.

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