Just How Good Is your Website Design for Mobile Devices?

A Mobile View of your Website Can Make or Break a Transaction

When you view your website on a mobile phone or tablet, does it work and can you find what you want? If you’re not providing a great user experience with your website for all mobile devices, you may be driving your potential customers straight into the arms of your competitor. Consumers have a low frustration threshold when searching the internet using their phones or tablets. Don’t let your visitors lose interest or become annoyed with your website before they can make a purchase.

These are some of the features that today’s mobile users insist upon:

  • It has to be easy to read with a large enough font size
  • With large buttons that are “thumb-friendly”
  • Navigation should be simple and obvious
  • It should load very quickly – users won’t wait
  • Provide a map to your location, if appropriate
  • Make the phone number “clickable”
  • Decide what the most important information is and feature that
  • Make it easy to share on social platforms
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Viewing your mobile website is not the same as seeing it on your computer. Media Contour understands this technology and has the experience to address all the features mobile users depend upon. You want your visitors to have an easy time buying from you and you want them to return to your site in the future.

The number of mobile users gaining access to the internet is growing exponentially. Having a smoothly functioning & appealing mobile website design can give you an edge on the competition. Optimized mobile websites have become a necessity for business success, especially in the local market. More shoppers are likely to buy if it’s easy, fast and satisfying.

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Make your mobile website design a priority in your marketing plan. Media Contour will make sure it’s a design that not only looks great, but meets the needs of your customers and invites them back again and again. Call 1.323.522.6004 or click here for an appointment to get started.