Logo and Brand Identity – Design that Creates Loyalty

Why is Brand and Identity Important?

Your brand is actually the perception of your organization and involves all that you do and value. It’s the core concept of who you are as a company and connects you to your target prospects. It’s responsible to creating loyalty and lends credibility to your message.

Your Identity is really the visual part of the overall brand. An identity design is all about your chosen color palette, your layout, the fonts you select and other guidelines that keep your brand recognizable.

Your logo identifies your product or services with a specific “mark” that symbolizes the quality of what your offer. It’s the icon your customers connect with conveying reliability, credibility and satisfaction.

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Logo, Brand and Identity in Web Development and Design

Make your online presence really stand out. A strong brand and identity make it a lot easier for your customers to choose you among all the search results on the page. It positions you for success. It makes your recognizable, distinguished and professional.

Our web design process ensures that your selling cycle begins immediately when a visitor lands on your site and concludes with a logical conversion – whether it’s completing a contact form, requesting some collateral or placing an item in the shopping cart.

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Our branding process includes some of the following:

  • Site map/flow chart
  • Wireframes/storyboards
  • Multiple design comps
  • Trend boards – helps identify useful trends found in your target market
  • Color palette – utilize colors that have been found most effective and relevant to your target market and your specific website design

Our branding process creates smart systems which convey respect for your customers and ultimately makes it easier for customers to understand your features and benefits. Branding delights customers and creates loyalty.

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