Extra Landing Pages mean More Conversions

Landing Pages are Specific Entry Points to Your Website

Landing Pages have always been key to converting visitors and making sales. When someone is looking for a specific product or service and lands on a page dedicated to that product, it guides them through the decision process and on to the sale. Having extra landing pages means even more opportunities for providing the relevant information without visitors getting lost or distracted by navigation, additional products, images, etc.

These “extra landing pages” would be a specific entry point for users coming from multiple sources. Whether you’re running a new campaign, employing PPC, sending traffic from a mobile site or offline advertising, having a unique landing page can address more specifically what that individual user is seeking, answer their questions and proceed to the sale.

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We Think Differently About Landing Pages and Navigation

Recently, there has been a shift in web design to a much simpler navigation. We’re learning that less complicated sites convert better and landing pages are becoming more important, especially for mobile users. Using lean navigation without sub-menus and lots of clicks, your visitor can learn all they need to know on one longer page, keeping them focused as you guide them along. Incorporating links to pdf’s for more detailed information means the customer never leaves the site where the conversion can occur. And it keeps them engaged.

Clear and concise headers, “skimmable” bullet points and prominent branding are what’s important. Urgency is vital, so load times matter. Customers don’t want to wait when they’re ready to buy. And they want to be able to buy easily on whatever device they’re using.

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