Effectively Integrating Social Media and Blogs Into Corporate Websites

February 20th, 2013 by | Comments Off on Effectively Integrating Social Media and Blogs Into Corporate Websites

Among the most successful business and corporate websites out there are those that manage to incorporate blogs and social media into their overall web presences. Doing so requires quite a bit of thought. It also requires diligence. These three elements can mix very well, but you do need to make certain that you exercise a bit of control.

Overly Personal

Back in the day when newspapers were the primary venues for getting information about business out there, public relations firms would constantly send press releases to reporters about promotions within a business, personnel who had won some sort of award and other like stories. More often than not, these press releases got ignored. The reason is simply that most people aren’t interested in this type of information about a company.

One of the best ways to utilize blogs and social media presences is to tie them into the corporate websites and to make certain that it’s all business. To put forward a more human face for the company, consider offering value rather than uninteresting information. For example, people will be much more interested in getting some technical information about a product that your company sells than they will about who got an award for being a particularly reliable employee.

Controlling the Message

Message control is a big part of public relations. If you have a blog set up, make certain that the company that sets it up for you gives you ways to control the posts that visitors make and the posts that the people actually filling the blog make. There should be some sort of approval process for both. Where people making the updates are concerned, it prevents blog posts from going up that may reflect negatively on the company. Where user comments are concerned, controlling the comments prevents the blog from becoming filled up with spam. Web designers can provide you with both automated and manual ways of achieving these goals for corporate websites.

Social media, blogs and corporate websites can all be linked together and can function very well as a coordinated effort. There still needs to be some level of control exercised over all of them, however. At the very least, you should have technically savvy marketing people in charge of these endeavors and make certain that there is accountability built into the system. This can prevent embarrassments, accidental leaks of proprietary information and other pitfalls from becoming issues.

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