Celebration – Matt Dandurand Passes and Receives Google Analytics Academy Certification

February 7th, 2014 by | Comments Off on Celebration – Matt Dandurand Passes and Receives Google Analytics Academy Certification

We at Media Contour would like to pause for a moment and give credit where it’s due. Our very own Matt Dandurand has just passed and received Google Analytics Academy certification. Congratulations, Matt!

Google Analytics remains the most powerful suite of tools for measuring and tracking online performance. However, it requires considerable expertise and study to master. Most of those who use Google Analytics have only passing familiarity with its true capabilities, and most are self-taught, which while admirable, leaves a great deal uncovered. By undergoing official training through the Google Analytics Academy, Matt was able to engage in lessons from true experts, including those developed by Justin Cutroni (Google’s own self-styled Analytics Evangelist).

Google Analytics Academy is the search engine giant’s education arm, offering the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course. Matt completed the course and earned his certification after mastering topics that included building an effective measurement plan, actionable data collection best practices, understanding key digital measurement concepts and analysis techniques, and understanding Google Analytics reports for digital marketing performance evaluation.
The course consists of six units total, followed by a final assessment:

  • The initial course overview
  • Getting started with digital analytics
  • Understanding and using Google Analytics data
  • Collecting actionable data with Google Analytics
  • Navigating Google Analytics reports
  • Navigating Conversions reports
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    Only those who pass the course with at least 80% are able to earn their certification, and the subject matter is no cakewalk. However, Google has implemented some interesting ways for learners to both personalize the process and learn through interaction. The course includes several different Google Hangouts with other professionals, and video lesson delivery for greater engagement in learners (the first unit alone consists of 22 different videos, ranging up to 10 minutes each).

    Again, heart-felt congratulations to Matt on his certification!

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