• Dec 05

    Smart Writing: 6 Steps To Plan Your Blog Like A Pro PART 2

    This is part two of our article on structuring and preparing a blog for part one click here. This half of the blog will cover the topics of writing, proofreading/editing and publication.

    • Dec 01 Blog like a pro

      Smart Writing: 6 Steps To Plan Your Blog Like A Pro. PART 1.

      Just like every good idea, a good blog starts with a plan. In an effort to help your team produce better articles, I have compiled this in-depth itinerary to plot out your future texts, no need to thank me, a … Read More

      • Nov 09

        5 Easy Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website in Less Than An Hour.

        This article is meant to be an elementary glimpse into the world of online marketing; there are many avenues to explore in the realm of marketing on the Internet, but one of the biggies is SEO. Below you will find some of the basic tactics and tricks anyone can do to immediately help with their sites Page Rank (the placement of your site in Google searches). Read More

        • Oct 05 Should you outsource your blog

          Blogging For Your Business. Should You Outsource Your Blog?

          The average Joe-Businessman is sure to find blogging to be another thing to do in an already busy workweek. Blogs are a great way to build content and add weight to your site, especially for search engine page rankings. They can also act as a human face to a big corporation, thus building a rapport with clients who may thought otherwise about your company. If you’re just as busy as the aforementioned businessman, this is where hiring a blogger would come in; or someone from HR steps in and handles the legwork. But who is qualified for writing what? Are you getting what you’re paying for? Below are some answers and tips about blogging for your business. Read More

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