Apps for iPad: Which Browser To Use.

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Over the past couple weeks, we have see a swell in new ways to surf the web on mobile devices on apps for iPad. Before then the obvious, and most ubiquitously used has been the built-in Safari web browser. Sure, there have been other browsers, but none have looked like this new wave of mobile specific web browsers. New releases from big leaguers like Yahoo and Google have mobile users rethinking how they do their mobile browsing. Let’s take a quick look at how these new browsers and how these new apps will change the way we look at our mobile devices:

Google Chrome
As an unabashed fan of Google’s products, I feel slightly biased when I say that I love Google’s new mobile version of its wildly popular Chrome browser. But seriously, it is pretty amazing. Chrome for iOS sports a similar look as its computer counterpart but with all the intuitivity of a touch-based app from Google. Simple to use swiping between tabs makes browsing simpler and the way chrome stacks your tabs within the app makes managing multiple pages a breeze. Chrome on iOS also allows you to carry over your bookmarks and autofill settings from your Google account to your mobile device as well. The scrolling isn’t as nice as it could be, but all in all Chrome for iOS is a great substitute for Safari.

Yahoo Axis
Yahoo has had its share of news over the past couple years, unfortunately most of it has not been good for the face of the company. However Yahoo’s foray into the world of web browsers is a bit of good news. Like Chrome, you may connect your Yahoo account to your browser and carry over your bookmarks and preferences. Axis also features a live search function that shows search queries as you type. Another great feature of Axis is how it displays the various web pages related to your search in an intuitive and unassuming tab within the page.

As the mobile world continues to grow, you can expect to see more mobile-specific browsers heading our way from not only the major players like Google and Yahoo, but also smaller companies and solo developers. One criticism I have with Apple’s iOS is that there is no way to make any browser other than safari your default browser, which can muddle things up a bit when bookmarking a site and forgetting which browser you are using. There are a lot of ways to improve on mobile browsing, and as people adopt these new options to Safari, developers will continue to make more (and better) browsers.

Here is Google’s Link to download Chrome.
Here is Yahoos’s link to download Axis.

2 thoughts on “Apps for iPad: Which Browser To Use.”

  1. Daniel Jones says:

    Personally i don’t feel and problem using Safari on my iPad 2. But after Google have released Chrome for iOS, Chrome have became my first choice to surf web.

    1. I agree, I do not think there is anything particularly wrong with Safari. However, new 3rd party browsers are simply doing things that Safari is not that I find incredibly helpful. I like the idea of being able to bounce from work to home and to the Lakers game and have my bookmarked sites with me at all times.

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