Our Story

Customer Service: A Companywide Priority

Media Contour is a creative studio that specializes in bringing your ideas to life. Our Los Angeles website designers understand what drives business decisions, are adept at internet marketing strategies and have the creative talent to collaborate with you on your next project. We offer website design and development along with our ability to think creatively and deliver something truly unique to your business.

Media Contour has been a part of the community of website designers in Los Angeles since 2005. We love our work, our work environment and our Media Contour web development team that brings it all together. We are passionate about surrounding ourselves with people who love what they do and strive to become better and better each day.

We are naturally driven to success and to do our best to empower those around us to succeed as well. Our strong analytical and systems-oriented thinking, powered by creativity, brings efficiency and inventive design to both our workplace and the websites Media Contour develops. We are just as passionate about building relationships as we are about creating the best customer experiences imaginable. We enjoy listening to the success stories of our many customers. Our goal is to guide each client through the web design process, and ultimately to make the process of purchasing web design and programming as seamless and painless a process as possible.

Media Contour’s business goal is to ensure that every web site we create has the necessary components to catapult the respective business into a leadership position within their industry. Our passion for excellence and creativity come together to ensure the final design and strategy for every client is maximizing traffic and sales.

LA Web Designers that Deliver Results

Our focus has been on design and internet marketing from the beginning. We pride ourselves on our expertise in the industry as well as our ability to see your brand as a unified entity and articulate it in a well-designed, user-friendly website. We believe it’s at the core of our site design and instrumental in finding the right elements to build your vision.

User experience is also a critical piece in the overall performance of your website. Easy and intuitive navigation, clean design, useful and engaging content as well as a clear understanding of your prospect’s needs create an opportunity to build your credibility and ultimately, sales.

Most important of all, customer service is a company-wide priority. We’re completely transparent and confident that you’ll find our business ethics refreshing and vital. We strive to make your experience as convenient as possible, to be available when you call and to keep the lines of communication open throughout your project’s development. You can rely on us to be your partners in developing the online marketing success of your company.

We are active participants in the LA User Community and are savvy about the latest technology and internet marketing trends happening today. Our web development team is rich in technical experience, creativity, project management and customer communication.

Engage the web development team with the expertise, talent, creativity and commitment to bring your vision to life. Contact our studio or give us a call at 1.323.522.6004 and we’ll be happy to give you a taste of what we can do.