• Welcome To The Team…

    Today we welcome a new member to our team: meet Bryce Widelitz! Hailing from West Los Angeles, Bryce steps onto the scene at Media Contour as our new Account Executive and brings with him a knack for detail and an … Read More

    • 5 Ways To Optimize Your Blog For Your Customers

      Content used to be king around the Internet, but nowadays context is the new sheriff in town. When writing something for an audience, it’s good to be an expert in the particular field, as a matter of fact many times it is imperative. Marketing Consultant Paul Tobey uses this diagram and explanation to describe the difference between content and context: Read More

      • A Fun Yelp Event

        On Monday, October 10, Our good friends (and neighbors) got together for a little meet and greet sponsored by the folks over at Yelp at The Atwater Crossing eatery in Atwater Village. It was great to see our little Los … Read More

        • 4 Quick and Easy Ways To Build Your Online Presence

          My dad runs a successful business. And he has done so without stepping foot on the Internet. How has he done that?

          By having a presence within his field.

          You call his company, you get his cell phone. You want to talk to the head of sales, you talk to him. You want to have a meeting with the production manager, he can pencil you in some time between two other meetings. Not that he doesn’t have dozens of qualified workers handling those jobs, but rather he cannot stand the idea of someone else representing his brand other than him. I mean his name is on every box that’s shipped for crying out loud.

          To call this micromanaging is as gross an understatement as saying Robin Williams has “a little stubble,” but it proves a point; my dad has a presence. He’s everywhere, and on the Internet, building your online presence is just as important.

          If you’re like my dad however, you don’t have the time to be everywhere in the real world and the virtual world, but there are a few things (besides having a website) you can set up to make sure you at least have some sort of online presence and manage communication with your customers: Read More

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