• What is NFC? NFC and the new Google Wallet.

    For those who didn’t hear, Google released their new future project: The Google Wallet. Google Wallet will allow users to purchase their various needs and sundries at their favorite stores using their cell phone connected to their bank account. Already in use in other countries, the launch of the Google Wallet is Americas first step towards creating a point-of-sale network that implements a new form of technology called NFC, or “near-field communication”.
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    • How to Properly Task An Intern For Social Media

      Last time we spoke, I explained the reasons why you shouldn’t hire and intern to handle your social media. I explained to you how foolhearted it is to trust your whole online identity to someone who has little to no financial interest in your company. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an intern work with your social media. Quite the contrary. A student intern i well poised to learn about the field of social media and most likely is into social media more than a good percentage of your coworkers.
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