• Google+ Losing Eyeball Time, Why?

    Google+ is quickly losing steam. But how could it keep up with the momentum it was building? In a recent article from Mashable, Todd Wasserman cites Experian Hitwise in saying that Google+ users are spending less and less time using the program since its limited release last month. Apparently the new car smell is wearing off faster than Google would probably like but that’s not the only reason people aren’t using the social networking upstart as much. For as social as Google+ is, it seems to lack a certain bit of connection between its inhabitants, what is it…
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    • Consumer Intent Data and Social Media

      It’s a hard job trying to convince 750 million people to change their day-to-day habits. Just ask anyone from The American Cancer Society, or the people at Google+. If you’ve been catching up with social media news recently, you would … Read More

      • Is Google+ the end of Facebook as we know it?

        Internet giant Google has started releasing it’s Google+ platform to the general public via invites for over a week now and is rapidly gaining headway in ways that its predecessors, Google Buzz and Google Wave, could only have dreamed. And … Read More

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