• 10 Simple Ways to Make Life Easier for Your Website’s Users

    Web designers and developers are continually gaining new tools to facilitate effective website creation.  Compatibility, usability, interaction, visual appeal, and support for a website’s users are all important aspects for a designer or developer to consider when looking to present … Read More

    • Keep Your Website Alive and Thriving with Regular Maintenance

      Practically every business knows they need to keep their services and offerings fresh and up-to-date if they want to please their customers. The same is true for websites. Search engines and visitors alike become bored with old, outdated websites that … Read More

      • Is Your Website in Need of a Facelift? The Pros & Cons of Redesigning Your Site

        With the Web 2.0 revolution, web designers and developers have gained the ability to present information and services in a simple and interactive format. Websites that have a professional look, organized structure, and intuitive user interface are more appealing to customers and more likely to convert visitors into sales. Yet website redesign is not as simple as it sounds and can result in a negative experience for users accustomed to the old design. While there are many pitfalls surrounding redesign, there are also solutions to help you avoid these problems. Read More

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